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siege of mostar wikipedia - the siege of mostar was fought during the bosnian war first in 1992 and then again later in 1993 to 1994 initially lasting between april 1992 and june 1992 it involved the croatian defence council hvo and the army of the republic of bosnia and herzegovina arbih fighting against the serb dominated yugoslav people s army jna after bosnia and herzegovina declared its independence from, siege of budapest wikipedia - the siege of budapest or battle of budapest was the 50 day long encirclement by soviet forces of the hungarian capital of budapest near the end of world war ii part of the broader budapest offensive the siege began when budapest defended by hungarian and german troops was first encircled on 26 december 1944 by the red army and the romanian army during the siege about 38 000 civilians died, syria war families struggle to survive in eastern ghouta - media caption young children have been found buried in the rubble access to healthcare has also been severely limited by the siege and bombardment last month a total of 29 primary healthcare, tenants under siege inside new york city s housing crisis - new york city is in the throes of a humanitarian emergency a term defined by the humanitarian coalition of large international aid organizations as an event or series of events that represents a critical threat to the health safety security or wellbeing of a community or other large group of people new york s is what aid groups would characterize as a complex emergency man, museum of the defense and siege of leningrad st - museum of the defense and siege of leningrad this small but extremely moving museum commemorates perhaps the most harrowing period of the city s history the 900 day blockade of leningrad which lasted from 8 september 1941 to 17 january 1944 for two and a half years the citizens of leningrad suffered chronic privations and constant bombardment, world war ii siege of budapest historynet - 6 12 2006 mhq on christmas day 1944 the trams stopped running in budapest cadet ervin galantay a dispatch runner for the recently mustered hungarian paramilitary vannay battalion was headed for home to partake in holiday celebrations when he saw a throng of civilians surrounding a group of tram conductors in buda s central szell kalman square, catholic encyclopedia jerusalem before a d 71 - the ancient city occupied the same position as the present except that its southern extremity has remained outside of the walls since the reign of hadrian a d 136 thanks however to systematic operations undertaken by english american and german engineers much of the old southern wall has, list of unusual words beginning with s phrontistery - i hope you have found this site to be useful if you have any corrections additions or comments please contact me please note that i am not able to respond to all requests, jerusalem history map culture facts britannica com - jerusalem jerusalem ancient city of the middle east that since 1967 has been wholly under the rule of the state of israel long an object of veneration and conflict jerusalem has been governed by an extended series of dynasties and states over centuries learn more about the city s history and culture in this article