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challenges synonyms challenges antonyms thesaurus com - the challenges before us will be thrashed out with the house and the senate yet his heart rejoiced as he watched the manner in which sally accepted these challenges, challenges definition of challenges by the free dictionary - chal lenge ch l nj n 1 a a call to engage in a contest fight or competition a challenge to a duel b an act or statement of defiance a call to confrontation a challenge to the government s authority 2 a demand for explanation or justification a calling into question a challenge to a theory 3 a sentry s call to an unknown party for, 37 fun challenges to do with friends at home or outside - if you are on social media at all then you have probably noticed a few of the most popular challenges trending on the internet some of the most popular challenges around include the ice bucket challenge where you pour a bucket of ice cold water on your head and the cinnamon challenge where you attempt to eat an entire spoon of cinnamon, challenges definition of challenges by medical dictionary - challenge chal enj 1 to administer a chemical substance to a patient for observation of whether the normal physiological response occurs 2 in immunology to administer antigen to evoke an immunologic response in a previously sensitized individual 3 the administration of such a substance in order to assess for a response called also provocation, top 10 challenges to do at home - top 10 challenges to do at home these are the top 10 challenges to do at home when you re bored and feeling destructive have fun don t die follow http, challenges habitica wiki fandom powered by wikia - public challenges tab on android on the android and ios apps the challenges tab is located under the social section of the menu page all possible challenges a user can join are shown in the public or discover tab, challenges binding of isaac rebirth wiki - challenges are unique runs in the game challenges typically start the player off with one or more specific items which make normal play more difficult you will not find treasure rooms with the exception of a select few challenges completing one of the thirty five challenges unlocks new content for the game such as runes general strategy edit edit source